Regional Fitness Act

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Regional Fitness Act is a Liberalian Law.

[edit] The Bill

Preamble The following Act is to encourage a healthy active society and the promotion of the talents of Liberalian Athletes. It will also serve as a solution to obesity, which poses a considerable drain on the funding of the Regional Health Service.

Article I.

Clause 1: The Regional Government will establish:

Section a. A Liberalian Institute of Sport (LIS), a specialized educational and training institution providing coaching for elite junior and senior athletes in a number of sports, many of them Olympic sports but including a number of others. It will receive a budget of five hundred million Libers in funding from the Regional Government.

Section b. Regional Sports Councils and Coaching Programs, who are to encourage amateur athletes to aspire to higher levels and allow more opportunities to be involved in active sport. This element of the program will receive three hundred and fifty million Libers in funding from the Regional Government.

Clause 2: These will be responsible to Liberalian Sporting Commission, a specialized group to manage the needs of every nation individually and pass on recommendations to the Regional Government Department of Regional Services.

Article II.

Clause 1: To provide the free means to for each member of Liberalian society to have the opportunity to take part in psychical activity in all weather conditions, the Regional Government will establish region-wide Multipurpose Sports Centres.

Section a. The size of Complexes will vary according to existing facilities. It will contain at least a 25-meter pool, squash courts, gymnasium and basketball courts, which allows at least 30 different sports to be played (eg. Netball, gymnastics, table tennis, volleyball, water polo, badminton etc).

Section b. The Centres will also include a family health centre and childcare facilities.

Section c. The Multipurpose Sports Centres will be evenly distributed across the every nation within Liberalia according to population density, ensuring that there are enough of such facilities to match the public demand.

Section d. The Regional Government Department of Regional Services shall run The Multipurpose Sports Centres Program.

Section e. Privately owned gyms will receive government subsidies to lower the prices of their services, to cater for some who prefer specific private facilities and to make it affordable and to allow them stay in business when the free public Centres open.

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